Monday, May 16, 2011


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People who have worked on windows does not like to change to Linux OS. The reason for this is the interface of  Linux OS is different from windows. But now there is an Linux OS which had evaded this problem that is the freely given ZORIN OS. The advantage of this OS is that we can change the interface to any of our favorite interfaces by the LOOK CHANGER utility of the OS, by changing the settings of the OS we can make the ZORIN OS look as same as windows 7 even you can change the interface to one of windows interfaces additional to MAC OS and GNOME OS. ubutu kernal that means main coding diagram was based to make the OS.The abilities and appearances of the OS different from Ubuntu OS. Mainly ZORIN is safeguarded from viruses and malwares. ZORIN OS  is 4 times faster than windows 7, it is introduced in 55 languages.Also this can is fully customizable. When working on windows we can install ZORIN on a different partition. Not only this ZORIN is capable of running applications that only runs on windows. Because the have included the wine software in it, then the soft wares will run more faster than in windows.When the OS is downloaded they give additional software packages They are as follows:
  1. Office package ( Open source office)
  2. Web Browser ( Firefox )
  3. Email client software ( Evolution )
  4. Music player ( Rhythm Box)
  5. Video player ( Totem )
  6. Photo editing software ( Gimp photo )
  7. And codes for playing multimedia files.
I think you all will  start to use LINUX OS after reading this article To check weather OS is fantastic
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  1. Hmm I agree that windows users don't like to change their windows OS, Because one main reason for me is Linux OSs are difficult to use. And sometimes you need to know coding as well. So when looking windows users side Zorin OS is a nice OS.

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