Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Worldwide Telescope

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As Internet surfers you already know about Google Earth and the features they have provided for you. Google Earth had provided so many features to the users such as download or watch it online By this post I will give you and experience that you will never get in your lifetime that is the Worldwide Telescope, I think that you have never heard about a Worldwide Telescope earlier. You will be curious when see that this exits. The programme is so easy to use. The programme was successfully examined and released it was a good production by Microsoft Cooperation. I already know that you have never watched the Universe before but now you can.You could observe anywhere in the universe. They have experimentally proven that an experience of observing the Universe by a powerful telescope.There are some popular telescopes that you have heard such as Hubble Telescope, Spitzer telescope and Chandra telescope. The fresh data taken from these telescopes are used in this software. so that accurate information and beautiful scenes can be taken. By clicking a single button we can observe a faraway galaxies, observe a black Hole, surf through a cloud or observe radioactive clouds are the brilliant things you get from it. All these stuffs a given to you for free by Microsoft Cooperation. The combination contribute of Sky Server and Sloan Digital Sky were based on the production.By mapping Stars and computerizing them they became popular after that World Wide Telescope, Google Sky, Stallerium have their own conventional qualities to provide the users to travel the Universe from computers.

Microsoft Cooperation use their own conventional ways they provided this convenience. Without letting other competitors come closer they have their top quality elements. By the World Wide Telescope they give flexible details about Stars and Planets no other software can do it. You only need Windows OS to use this we can also take a guidance from a person for our journey, the speciality of this is that he is not a normal person but a Scientist of Astrology. A traveller can get photos of his travel as an example a photo of a Star. Can even store the travel and give it to a friend as the it was. Can zoom the the pictures of the Universe. To install this software we should have windows XP, windows Vista or windows 7 and a graphic card with higher facilities. Not as google Earth for this you don't need an Internet connection. By using the data that were stored before, we can zoom in and zoom out the pictures of the universe fast and smoothly. You can even make the mark the place you have watched.

 If you have an additional telescope that can be connected to your computer, you can connect the telescope you have to this software. Then you can control your telescope , you can also connect this software to your Xbox 360 control center and you can ease your travel. The latest version of this software is equipped with 3D technology which enable you to watch 3D pictures of the universe.

This is not a dream, but a true one that really exists.You will be able to get this experience and all the facts that I have mentioned above writing in front of your eyes. GOT INTERESTED! You will be able to download or watch it online by www.worldwidetelescope.org

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ultimate Windows Phone 7

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The windows phone 7 interface
The greatest invention man had done on the land is the Mobile phone. It is the invention that the people had grabbed the most. Nowadays the mobile phone has become a part of a human body, the people who use smart phones are very happy more than people who use other phones. The features such as Camera, store photos and video, listen to music, watch television and listen to radio have become popular among the people. Now let's discuss about the topic, when I ask you some questions such as What is a Smart Phone? The answer for the question is besides the entertainment stuffs that I have mentioned above , thousands of stuffs that can be done by computers were imputation to phones so they are called Smart Phones. As we talk about the most popular IPhone it is a kind of a Smart Phone and it holds 17% of the market Google Android holds 25% and Symbian holds 37% Microsoft company had introduced a new phone to the smart phone market that is the WINDOWS PHONE 7, actually this phones has gone beyond the other Windows phones and it is a totally different Phone and a totally different phone. The interface of the phones is based on SilverLight. SilverLight  is an application framework for writing and running browser plug-ins or other applications. This technology is fully used in the phone. Not only that they have finished manufacturing 4000 softwares for this, in the task of popularizing these softwares throughout the world the (.net) utility used to make softwares for windows phone 7. Microsoft company had taken steps to give them free. The use of this phone is very simple. The utilities of the phone are arranged according to the way bricks are kept so we can access to the softwares fast, access to networks and connect to the Internet. When 1.5 billion phones were released to the world market, all the phones were sold in 6 weeks.

Monday, May 16, 2011


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People who have worked on windows does not like to change to Linux OS. The reason for this is the interface of  Linux OS is different from windows. But now there is an Linux OS which had evaded this problem that is the freely given ZORIN OS. The advantage of this OS is that we can change the interface to any of our favorite interfaces by the LOOK CHANGER utility of the OS, by changing the settings of the OS we can make the ZORIN OS look as same as windows 7 even you can change the interface to one of windows interfaces additional to MAC OS and GNOME OS. ubutu kernal that means main coding diagram was based to make the OS.The abilities and appearances of the OS different from Ubuntu OS. Mainly ZORIN is safeguarded from viruses and malwares. ZORIN OS  is 4 times faster than windows 7, it is introduced in 55 languages.Also this can is fully customizable. When working on windows we can install ZORIN on a different partition. Not only this ZORIN is capable of running applications that only runs on windows. Because the have included the wine software in it, then the soft wares will run more faster than in windows.When the OS is downloaded they give additional software packages They are as follows:
  1. Office package ( Open source office)
  2. Web Browser ( Firefox )
  3. Email client software ( Evolution )
  4. Music player ( Rhythm Box)
  5. Video player ( Totem )
  6. Photo editing software ( Gimp photo )
  7. And codes for playing multimedia files.
I think you all will  start to use LINUX OS after reading this article To check weather OS is fantastic
Download it from www.zorin-os.webs.com