Saturday, March 24, 2012

A new technology view of Ram

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OK :-)
After a long time of inactivity here my first post.

  • Today I am going to tell u about a new innovation that has emerged to the RAM basically in other words Random Access Memory. The new technology has immensely effected the ram that we normally use.................

As you already know that a ram is a temporary storage media when the power supply goes all the information that is on the ram clears away the name of the ram directly indicates this.....OK enough explaining about the ram isn't it.

Lets come to the topic.

Presently the ram works as the rom that means that the data stored in the ram doesn't clear up when the power supply is gone It's the ram which is called a reram. (Resistance Ram)
This is the next generation of the ram it's non volatile.This was a invention done by Elpida company.
As we know now many of the desktop computers uses the DRAM-dynamic RAM. The ram is capable of taking data speedily.For one data transfer it only takes nano seconds in other words from 100 trillion seconds only 10 parts.Don't worry about this the RERAM is capable of this function too.So it doesn't matter replacing DRAM's with this RERAM. To provide a chance for people to save their work when even a power corruption occurs.Many technologist have tried to eradicate this problem.

  1. One such attempt was from the Everspin computer company it was the MRAM - Magneto Resistive RAM.
  2. Another attempt was from the Micron company it was the PCM - Phase Change Memory
  3. Even the Samsung company has taken steps to invent a non volatile read only memory (RAM) it was the STTRAM - spin transfer torque RAM.
  4. Another company knows as Unity too had a non volatile RAM CMDX - Complementary Metal oxide

like these many companies have tried to invent a non volatile RAM but all of them were in vain because they were not speed in data transfer than the RERAM.The RERAM costs very cheap so anyone can buy it without troubles.So at the end of the post i think buying a RERAM is more invest able than the ordinary RAM it suits our need well. AS we know ICT is a subject that changes rapidly ever second it changes So

"My target is to provide you with the essential information regarding ICT soon as possible". 


Saturday, March 10, 2012


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Hi Every one 
I apologize from all of u bcauz of my inactivity for a long time such as 10 Months and even more
The reason for this was my studies I had to study hard past year to pass my o/L examination
I had to spent much of the leisure time I had for studying..
As now I have finished doing O/l examination I have much time for  working on my blog
I will be able to post many topics here after
I hope that u all will understand this
Thanks for your Patience

Keep in touch.........:-)
U will see the blog updated soon!!!!

From the creator of this blog
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